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Sports, Culture and Advertising

  • CS2 - CPE Summer Session 2 (7/10-8/18)
  • Online

  • Fee:  $1,170 ($390/credit, 3 credits)
  • 21114, Lecture 1

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  • Claudio Moreira
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In this class, we are interested in analyzing the role that sports, as a modern social ritual, play in shaping people?s interpretation of concepts such as competition and character.  Sports have moved from Pierre de Coubertain?s somewhat innocent amateur ideal of character building activity to a highly competitive cutthroat enterprise in the past century.  As a ritual, sports have become a significant site of interaction between peoples and cultures; and as a site of interaction, organized sports are embedded in, and are carriers of, ideologies and politics. Through the examination of the cultures of everyday life and the cultural constructions of difference, displacement, and identity, this course will rely equally on examples from U.S. popular culture and media, as well as draw theoretically from advertising, marketing, cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, and performance studies. It is this intersection of sports, advertising, and ideology that I would like for us to explore in this class.

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