Continuing & Professional Education
Enrollment form for campus undergrads in Fall/Spring CPE classes
  1. This form is ONLY for campus-based university undergraduates to enroll in CPE classes during Fall or Spring. To be enrolled in any CPE class, you must either be enrolled in at least 6 credits of University-scheduled classes (Do not submit this form until your enrollment in University-scheduled classes is showing in SPIRE) or coded as Senior Year in Absentia in SPIRE. You may NOT enroll in more than two CPE classes (maximum of 8 credits).

    NOTE: If this form is used for any reason other than what is stated above, it will be ignored.

  2. Term(*)
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  3. First Name(*)
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  4. Last Name(*)
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  5. NetID or SPIRE ID(*)
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  6. UMass Email(*)
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  7. Phone Number(*)
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  9. Class 1 Subject(*)
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    (e.g. ACCOUNTG)
  10. Class 1 Course Number(*)
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    (e.g. 221)
  11. Class 1 Class Number(*)
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    (e.g. 69214)
  12. Class 2 Subject
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  13. Class 2 Course Number
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  14. Class 2 Class Number
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  15. After this enrollment request is processed by the CPE Registration Office, the class charges and non-refundable $47 registration fee will be added to your bursar's bill, and the CPE class(es) will show in SPIRE along with your University-scheduled classes. CPE class charges are NOT included in University Fall/Spring tuition/fees.

    Regular class Add/Drop and Withdrawal dates and policies apply. If you need to drop your CPE class, please complete the drop form. CPE refund policies apply. Check SPIRE to confirm your class enrollment status.

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