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Once a student is officially enrolled in a class on SPIRE (class appears on student's schedule in SPIRE), student is responsible for payment of all class-related fees.

Dropped class

Important: Notifying the instructor or ceasing to attend class does not constitute an official drop or withdrawal. You must officially drop your class by the end of Add/Drop in order to be eligible for removal of all charges.

Drop requests must be received in our office by the deadlines stated below. In all cases, fee removals apply to class fees only. The registration fee is non-refundable, except when all class fees for a term are removed from a student's account.

Credit class´╗┐

  • 100% removal of fees (class fees only) if dropped by the end of add/drop period.  Add/Drop dates can be found in the class description
  • 50% removal of class fees if withdrawn by the end of Withdrawal period (mid-semester)
  • After the end of Withdrawal period, student remains responsible for payment of all fees

Non-credit class

For classes that run one week or less:

  • 100% removal of fees through day before class begins
  • No removal of fees beginning the second day after class begins

For classes that run more than one week:

  • 100% removal of fees through day after class begins
  • No removal of fees beginning the second day after class begins

Cancelled class

  • 100% removal of class/workshop fee
  • Registration fee will be removed from student's account if this is the only class/workshop for which student is registered


  • Active duty military deployment

For a full explanation of the refund policy, click here.

Note: the word 'refund' applies to refunding monies already paid or crediting charges that have been posted to your account that have not yet been paid.

Note: Maryland students may receive refunds for online courses delivered through the Division of Continuing & Professional Education in accordance with Maryland law.
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