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Independent Study

  • C1 - CPE Regular Semester Schedule (1/22-5/1)
  • World Wide Web

  • Fee:  $615/credit (3-6 credits)
  • 61402, Individualized Study 1

Textbook/Syllabus information, if available, may be found by searching for this class in SPIRE using the 5-digit class number shown above. Once the class has been located, click on Restrictions/Notes and scroll down to the Textbook/Other Materials section; continue to scroll down to Class overview for Syllabus information, if available.

How to Enroll

Mainly for candidates for the Master of Science degree who do not write a thesis. Original research expected. Two bound copies of a written report of the study required by the department. Credit, 3-6. Open to students in the CPE Online MPH Nutrition (MPH/NUTR) program only.

  • Last Day to:
  • Register 2/5, Drop 2/5, Withdraw 3/7

Refund Schedule:
Full refund through 2/5, 50% 3/7 (registration fee not refundable)
No refund after 3/7

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