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ST - ECommerce Statistics

  • CPE Regular Semester Schedule (12/26-1/20)
  • Online

  • Fee:  $900 ($900/credit, 1 credit)
  • 45147, Lecture 1

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  • Jack Ampuja

How to Enroll

Ecommerce continues to accelerate at a rapid pace, now accounting for about 10% of US retail sales and much more than that in other countries. While both start-ups and long-established brick and mortar businesses are relying on ecommerce for growth, logistics has become a major impediment. The shipping of orders is fraught with operating issues and a big drag on profits:
-    Should shipments originate from a retail location or a separate warehouse?
-    When should additional shipping locations be added and where should they be located?
-    What parts of ecommerce operations can be outsourced?
-    How can ecommerce operations be made more efficient?
-    Returns: a big problem every business must contend with
-    Managing and measuring logistics costs: difficult for the big players, a death knell for start-ups
This course will provide answers to all of the above and will outline how more successful ecommerce companies manage logistics. Registration for matriculated students opens 10/18, non-degree students can register starting 11/1. Part of the Isenberg MBA program.

  • Last Day to:
  • Register 12/28, Drop 12/28, Withdraw 1/8

Refund Schedule:
Full refund through 12/28, 50% 1/8 (registration fee not refundable)
No refund after 1/8

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