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The Science of Food

  • CPE Regular Semester Schedule (12/26-1/20)
  • Online

  • Gen Ed: 'BS'
  • Fee:  $1,928 ($482/credit, 4 credits)
  • 45133, Lecture 1

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  • Christina DiMarco-Crook
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Biological and chemical principles underlying the maintenance of food quality during the period after harvest to consumption. Topics include chemical, enzymic, physical, and biological deterioration; implications and prevention; food toxicology.

Food plays a prominent role in each of our daily lives, yet most of us have
little if any understanding of the science behind our food. At the same
time we live in a throw away culture that does not value our abundant food supply. The disconnect between individuals and the food we eat can be seen in the troubling statistic that shows Americans waste 40% of all food produced in the United States. This course will explore our understanding of food in our everyday lives and the science behind maintenance of a high quality food supply for our society.

Food safety and dietary concerns add to the confusion of how to successfully navigate and interpret the various labeling and regulatory guidelines. We will examine how our society addresses these issues from a chemical, biochemical, microbial and regulatory point of view to ensure an adequate and wholesome food supply is maintained for all.

These topics include:

(1) food chemistry
(2) processed food
(3) food preservatives
(4) food poisoning
(5) product labeling
(6) food fermentation
(7) sugar/sweeteners
(8) food additives
(9) organic food

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