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How much will I be paid for teaching through CPE?
CPE has a standard compensation schedule based on your campus status (faculty, visiting lecturer, etc.), but some programs or schools may have their own. Please contact your department to determine the correct compensation schedule for your course.

When will I get paid?  
If you have been approved by your department and all paperwork is completed within the specified timeframe, first payments can be expected 1-2 weeks after your first week of teaching. University payments are made bi-weekly. 

How do I get on the UMass payroll?
All CPE Instructors must complete an Instructor Appointment form. Additional paperwork will be required if you are a new employee to the University or haven’t been active for over 17 weeks.  Graduate Students must also complete a Graduate Assistantship form. To teach at the graduate level, additional paperwork and approvals are required.

Who should I contact if there's a problem with my compensation?
Graduate Students should contact Alice O’Brien, all other instructors should contact Amy Rocasah at the email/phone shown below.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact:

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