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MS in Plant and Soil Sciences

This program is designed to meet the needs of working professionals who do not have the time or the opportunity to enroll in a traditional, full-time graduate program. This is a 30-credit program that upon completion, grants a Master of Science degree in Plant and Soil Sciences. Although the degree is in Plant and Soil Sciences, our off-campus program is limited to the field of soil science.


  • STOCKSCH 515 Microbiology of the Soil (on-campus - 3 credits)
  • STOCKSCH 566 Soil Formation (blended - 3 credits)
  • STOCKSCH 570 Soil Physics (on-campus - 3 credits)
  • STOCKSCH 575 Environmental Soil Chemistry (on-campus - 4 credits)
  • STOCKSCH 580 Soil Fertility (online - 3 credits)
  • STOCKSCH 585 Inorganic Contaminants in Soil and Water (3 credits)
  • STOCKSCH 597I Hydric Soils (on-campus 2-day workshop; 1 credit)
  • STOCKSCH 597J Advanced Hydric Soil (on-campus 2-day workshop; 1 credit)
  • STOCKSCH 597M Soil Morphology and Mapping (3 credits)
  • STOCKSCH 602 Literature Review (online - 3 credits)
  • STOCKSCH 696 Independent Study (6 credits)
  • STOCKSCH 791 Seminar Preparation (blended - 3 credits)
  • STOCKSCH 793 Seminar Preparation (1 credit)

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You can apply for admittance to the UMass Off-Campus Master of Science Program in Plant and Soil Sciences by completing the standard UMass Graduate School application form available on the web (

The application process requires that you submit GRE scores less then 5 years old and that you hold a bachelor degree from an accredited academic institution. The GRE scores are a school requirement that is not waived. Please make sure that you apply to the Plant and Soil Sciences Off-Campus program when completing the application form.

Fall applications should be received by November 1, and Spring applications by April 30.

For more information:
Dr. Mickey Spokas
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Dr. Baoshan Xing
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