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NOTE: Notifying the instructor or ceasing to attend class does not constitute an official drop or withdrawal. You must officially drop your class by the end of Add/Drop in order to be eligible for a full removal of class fees.  Please see our payment/refund policy for more information.

Need to remove a class from your schedule?

Before the add/drop deadline*:

  • Drop the class in SPIRE (Non-degree students - be sure you have an enrollment appointment first. Click here for instructions)
  • Non-credit, campus-based students in CPE classes, and CPE students in University-scheduled classes, use the drop form.

After the add/drop deadline but before the end of the withdrawal period**:

After the end of the withdrawal period***:

Graduate students:

Undergraduate students:

For Health Withdrawals, see the University Health Services website.

*Classes dropped before the Add/Drop deadline will not show on transcripts; financial charges removed.

**Classes dropped during the Withdrawal period will show a grade of "DR" (graduate students) or "W" (undergraduate students) on the transcript; 50% of class charges and the full registration remain.

***Classes dropped after the Withdrawal period ends will show a grade of "WP" or "WF" for graduate students and "W" for undergraduate students on the transcript; financial charges remain.

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